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mp3 - לרכישה והורדה של אלבום או סינגל בודד
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This album, "To The Last Moment"{2014}, is a collection of musical compositions written for different stringed instruments. These are dominant stringed instruments behind which lies a long and venerable musical heritage. For many years I have listened to music played on such instruments and have been strongly influenced by that pure folklore style which recreates memories from our distant past. This is my second album of instrumental music played on live stringed instruments, and as on my first album, "Instrumental Mood", talented guest musicians have been invited to play on this album as well, musicians who have made a valuable contribution to the music played here.


The album shifts between ethnic, Latin and classical styles of music. The sounds of a bazouki with a broken weight of 7/8, which stands at the centre of the Greek Kalamatianos dance, merge with the sounds of the Armenian doudouk. The atmosphere changes when the guitars take over and fill the space with heavenly sounds. Western and eastern rhythms are interwoven with each other. The echoing sounds issuing from the depths of the Spanish lute gather up the thunder of the drum, and the desert oud plays against a western setting.


Music invites our pleasure, reaching out and bringing us together. 

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With roots in classical music, Yaniv has been evolving his own art and style using his guitar and a variety of other string instruments to bring to life his vision of music.

"Instrumental Mood" {2005} marks a cornerstone in his musical journey and career.

The result of a long, exciting and creative process, which blends a variety of styles and a fusion of cultures.

Yaniv’s unique way of hearing produces sounds and melodies which will stir, exhilarate, calm and move you.

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